Some other time then?

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“Live peace. Speak kindness. Dwell in possibility.” -Amanda Tapping

I’m the actual worst Secret Santa but here it is. I’m a horrible gif maker but I gave it a shot. A little Amanda gifset because she is an actual flawless goofball. Hope you like it ms-lonelyhearts!!!

Anonymous asked: Secret Santa here again!! I'm going to try and finish your present tonight but it may not be posted until tomorrow!! Sorry I suck :(

Awwwwww this is sad :( hahaha don’t worry, bab! I will look forward to it whenever :)

posted 1 year ago

Get in.

Anonymous asked: Your secret Santa her to say I hope you had a great day today!!! :D

Oh my dear, Anon!! This is rather jolly and exciting!! I had a lovely day of writing an essay… BLEURGH hahaha! I hope yours was better than mine!

posted 1 year ago


So as some of you know ms-lonelyhearts, sadly, isn’t my main blog and today the day has come where I have grown the balls and turned my main blog wheresmyshoe into a ‘I shall post what ever the fuck I please’ blog rather than the pit of hipster images it had become haha! Main reason for the sudden merge is that I hate having to ask/like posts from wheresmyshoe as nine times out of ten I send asks to squeeeee over fandoms and worry that when people click on my url they wonder why the heck this person is talking to them hahah!

Now I’m not going to delete ms-lonelyhearts but I’m going to start posting and reblogging way more to wheresmyshoe and sorta phase this blog out…. BUT DON’T DESPAIR, KIDS!! Because you can simply hop over and follow wheresmyshoe…please…if you want…if you like…. I think I’ve rigged up the link above to send you to wheresmyshoe but if not click here.